I’m going to begin with a seemingly simple question, then hopefully give you some basic tools to answer that question. Where are you?

Where are you? This question may seem simple when asking ones self. For myself this question comes up quite a bit. Especially with the current isolation, there seems to be a strong unknown as to what will happen with so many parts of life right now. This isolation is unique, there are so many social tools on the internet, people are adapting to connection virtually, but at the same time the personal connection which is raw and primal is removed. I miss shaking hands, I wasnt a big hugger, but I miss hugging my friends and giving a personal greeting. Giving aknowledgement to the adaptation of human beings to taking a situation and turning it into something good, gives hope. Again, BUT, there is that personal physical connection that we crave and need, which helps provide so many of us with a reason to get out of bed and put on pants for a work meeting.

So honestly I am not going to really give a clear cut answer or solution on how to get from point A to point B.

That is essentially the point though.

This is a journey in life that we really dont have a map or GPS that gives us clear direction. Do we adpat the mentality of the old explorers? Going into the unknown with not knowing where exactly you are going, but you trust the stars and the map you have created towards a dream.

I am going to dive into this a little more just to try and put things into perspective for myself and motivate myself, so I hope it resonates for you all.

Leif Erikson heard a rumor that there was land west of Greenland. So he gathered a crew of 35 and set out on a rumor to find new land to settle on. The gravity of this is!! Think about it. A ship that is comparable to a large sail boat, going across the Alantic ocean, this is not a forgiving ocean, massive waves, storms through all seasons of the year, ignorance most likely helped with their choice to depart on a rumor. I feel their desire to explore contributed greatly, that the desire to find unknown land was worth dying for. Though they trusted their skills of navigating the stars, they trusted the strength of their ship and the bond of each individual to overcome all obstacles that may come. Leif didnt go it alone and probably would not have reached the North Americas without that crew of 35.

He trusted his gut feeling that there was new land and opportunity, even after finding islands of rock, he kept pushing forward. Till eventually they found lush forests, open land for farming and wild grapes they had never tasted.

How much is your intuition leading?

What is your North Star?

What is being used as a navigation point in life?

I hope this little post helps put some thoughts and questions into play during this time of the unknown .

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