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“Before developing Brain brilliance, I had difficulty finding a mushroom product on the market that was not the full mushroom. I also wanted a product that would benefit my stomach as well as my focus and mood. Something without caffeine as a primary ingredient to fake results. Searching and testing different products I was able to create a formula of ingredients that made a lasting impact in my life.”

Tim Andrews Founder, Brain Brilliance 

Lions Mane Mushrooms

We use whole fruiting bodies in our supplement. Our lions mane are grown on our farm and processed by us in a food safe facility.


  • May Boost Exercise performance
  • Anti-Aging properties

Ashwagandha Root

We grow the root in buckets as to support healthy root growth with minimal loss. Used widely in sports, Ashwagandha root benefits cortisol levels, aids in reducing blood sugar spikes, may help reduce stress and depression, reduces inflamation, aids in cognitive function and is safe for most people.

Ginko Leaf

Ginkgo biloba, or maidenhair, leaves sourced from US farms. Since our climate does not support growth of the tree, we have selected farms that grow organically and sustainably. This magic leaf Improves Brain Function and well being. Aids in reducing anxiety levels.

Gotu Kola

Centella asiatica, more commonly known as Gotu Kola, is a fascinating perennial plant that finds its home in South East Asia. On 13 fox farm we grow this herb sustainably to maintain maximum benefits. Gotu Kola benefits healthy skin, promotes memory and cognitive function and healthy stress levels

Rhodiola Rosea

The flower on this plant is harvested and dried. Some of the benefits have been found to aid in brain function, improves exercise performance, fights fatigue and decrease stress.

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Fruiting bodies are considered “full spectrum” as they give a more extensive exhibit of the mushroom’s nourishing parts.

Mycelium is used as a less expensive approach that is faster to create. Mycelium really contains next to nothing of the significant mixes, nutrients, and supplements of the fruiting body.

We do not cut costs with mycelium in our product. Your body gets the true benefits of mushrooms .

Grown on the Farm

Sourcing ingredients is the most important part of developing a effective suppliment. This is why we have chosen to source the ingredients in house. That means growing them, harvesting them and processing them ourselves. Ingredients that we cannot grow we source from organic farms in the USA. We are farmers and making sure our product is grown with high standards in the USA is a core belief.


We aim to provide jobs and careers for our nations military veterans. On our farm we teach veterans about agriculture, give them resources to start farming. Providing tools to grow all kinds of agricultural products that will be sold locally or grown for medicinal benefits. We aim to create a market place so there is a outlet to sell what they are able to grow. We need more of what we put into our bodies for health and wellness to not be sourced from synthetic chemicals or industrial farms.

Was shocked when just after an hour of taking my first pill I noticed a my mind start to focus a little better. After a few days my mood was more level. Will be buying this on the regular! Thank You Tim!!!

Carl Young, Spokane WA

This product has been a massive help in my daily life and managing the daily focus needed to run a business.


So thankful for a affordable mushroom product that has ingredients sourced from a small farm. Thank You Thank you Thank You!!


Grown In the USA


No Animal Testing

Veggie Capsule


Lab Tested

Safe, Simple and Effective